5 Best Ways to Increase Your Company Sales in 2020

5 Ways to Increase Business Sales in 2020

This is a complete Content on How a Company can grow their present Revenue to over 150% within 6months.

Every business dreams and goals is to increase their revenue each day for them not run out of business. Because even the smallest increase in revenue or reduction in your expenses can have an impact on your company’s profitability.

This is the reason why you need to read this information which will help you to increase your company Revenue in 2020.

Note this;

This is not a magic; every business needs some principles to follow if they still want to be running that business in years to come. You can decide to be running your business the same way and you will be getting same result or you don’t even get result.


You have competitors, right? Those competitors are looking for a way to outsmart you and their goal is to send you out of business so that they can make the whole money, that’s why you need to send them back home before they send you away from the business.

Now, let’s go to the main business of today

5 simple ways to increase your business Revenue and be on top of the game in 2020.

No1: Know What Your Competitor are Doing

I don’t need to ask if you understand your own business, if you don’t, is very important to go and make research about your business before you come back here to read this.

For me I know who my competitors are and it easy for me to find them and do what they are not doing which will easily make me outsmart them.

My Company is one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria and I know many people are offering this service. Don’t be surprise that many people are search on Google every day for Learn digital marketing in Nigeria

Yes, many are coming to the industry to find client for their Digital Marketing Skills. It is my work to present myself in front of the clients who are looking for “Best Digital marketing agencies in Nigeria” but it will be difficult if I don’t know what my competitors are doing and how I can do better

Many businesses failed at a conception stage because they failed to find out what their competitors are doing to make the whole money

It happened in our business when we first started until will upgrade our business nothing was coming, even we almost ran out of business.

Know Your Competitors Plan
Do you know what;s your competitors Are Doing?

There are many ways to find out what your competitors are doing to increase their sales and there are many tools to do that.

You remember the story of Mr. Bigg’s? they almost ran out of business because they failed to upgrade when their competitors were upgrading and the truth is; when they were busy selling their competitors were busy looking for a way to do something different and make sure they get all their customer’s

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Now today, won’t you prefer to go to that mega chicken than that Mr. Bigg’s that is empty?

Another example I will show you is Jumia and Konga. Konga was very popular than Jumia then but suddenly tragedy strike, Jumia became popular and Konga almost ran out of business.

They sold it to another person and thank God the person changes everything, even though Jumia is still topping the game in Nigeria eCommerce market today. 

So, make sure you Monitor your competitors till you make them not to compete with you again. It will just be like Jumia trying to compete with Amazon Online Market Place, how possible will that be even if is going to be possible, how many years do you think it will take? And do you think Amazon will wait for them?

No:2 Get a Website for Your Business

Hooooo… Maybe you don’t know people trust your website than your physical address? I will tell you why.

On your website you updates everything about your services and products there. Your customers visit your website read through and know what you offer even by 1am when you are sleeping, first approach!

Your customer really trusts Google Search …. Hoooo…  they trust Google more than the way they trust themselves. (Why do you need to search for the best place to repair phone in Nigeria when you know Computer village very well? Is because you trust that Google will give you the best answer) Anytime they are searching for something, they make a quick search on Google and Google will give them your website, they visit and get back to you.

Website Design Companies in Nigeria
Get a Responsive Website

When your customers are search and you are not on Google, they will quickly check your competitor’s website to read whatever they need. Can you now see how you are leaving money on the table for your competitors.

That very first day you form your small business a web page is definitely “first action to take and if you are postponing it this means that you will be losing clients mainly because your potential customers are searching for you on Search engines.” It’s certainly not today.

But each time you move that day you are losing on a buyer or two. You will end up missing an opportunity to reach their friends and family who could be interested in your products and services because they can simply share your website to their friends and family if they found what they are looking for. 

Nowadays, buyers don’t have to speak with you or even your employees to get a great feel for your business. They just need to go to your web site. And chances are, it’s the very first step they’ll apply before they contact you or even visit you.

Whether customers contact you or otherwise would depend on anything they get once they arrive on your business website, especially when you are completely new to them. When you don’t have a web page they will easily browse and discover different organizations which are online. “Your competitors.”

You can read the 8 Benefits you are missing if you don’t have a website here

Website is the easy way communication to your audience as is even easy for you to reach them even without advertising to them.

Having Website is Not Enough

You should try to take this very seriously, is not about having website, is about having what can represent your company/business very well. It will not speak well if your prospective customers land on your website and in less than 30 seconds they left because of the poor design.

A good website should be able to make your customers spend minutes if not hours on your website. You don’t take your business website to your unprofessional family or friend because you know they will not charge you more. Treat your business like one.  

That is why is the best to give your website to professional who will design quality website for your business and in this case we recommend Femstic Marketing Media. They can handle your website and give you the best that will convert your visitors to your permanent clients or customers.

No:3 Focus on Your Site SEO

What is SEO You say? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Google Search on SEO in 2020
How SEO Will Boost Your Revenue in 2020

Can you see the image above? I searched a Keyword “Online Store” on Google and that was the result. That is how people are search for your business every single day.

Let me explain the image above. The first two result is not search engine is an ad. I mean people like you paid Google to display their ad to everyone searching for that keywords

The third result which is the Konga.com is the perfect example of SEO and that will drive Hundreds of people to Konga store every month without doing anything and they will be getting sales.

Let’s say your site is where Konga site is, do you know how much you will be making from that free traffic from Google?

One thing I want you to know is; SEO is more profitable 500% than advertisement. 70% of people who are searching on Google have the heart of buying and you will get it as a bonus if they do business with you.  

Let me show you another SEO Proof

How to Rank Webiste Like Amazon in 2020
Amazon Getting Free Traffic From Google

Can you see the image above? Amazon is getting almost 800 million visitors from Google every month. That is billions of dollars in revenue. If you are getting 0.5% of this traffic do you need to advertise your business again?

That is the power of SEO. You need to focus on SEO instead of focusing on advertisement. Don’t play with it, invest more on SEO than Facebook, Google, TV, News Paper or Radio Advertisement.

If you are spending 1 million on advertisement each month change it to 300k and invest 700k on SEO. If you invest 700k on SEO each month for 6months to a year you will be making 3x of what you are making on your advertisement without running any ad

Hire Top SEO company that can help you land your website in Good place on Google and in no time your company will became popular.

Didn’t you think SEO is the best thing you need right now?

You can check Femstic Marketing up to handle your SEO

No: 4 Email Marketing

I still don’t know why some companies are not using email for their business. Many companies are spending millions on advertisement every day and they are not making use of email marketing.

Let me ask you this; You are interested in buying Laptop in Nigeria and there is a particular Laptop company or seller who has been updating you on how to get quality Laptop, how to make your Laptop last, the best Laptop etc.

How to Do Email Marketing in Nigeria
Email Marketing Trick

When you are ready to buy Laptop you saw an ad on Facebook or Google promoting Laptop, which one will you buy?

The one who has been giving you helpful information of curse. Because you have had a relationship with him, he has told you the reason why he is better than his competitors 

Email marketing is very important in today’s business. I have seen a company who generates a million dollars sales a single day using only email marketing. They promote their discount offer to their email subscribers and many of them optin to the offer and that drives a million dollars sales in a single day.

When driving traffic from Facebook or anywhere, make sure you drive people to your landing page to drop their email for you and you will be able to get back to them.

How do you do that?

Hoooo… you can’t just tell people to drop their email because you want to sell to them in future, nobody will drop it. Give monkey a banana and he will become your friend.

You remember you saw a pop-up form when you landed on this page asking you to submit your details to get one particular information? Am trying to give you what will help you business in exchange for your email.

I know you want to increase your business Revenue. Who doesn’t want to? Then I told you to download it but you can’t download it if you don’t submit your email.

That is simple. Create something great that will make people to subscribe to your email list willingly.

Let me warn you here: Don’t try spamming your subscribers with your promotion sales letter, if you do that, they will just be leaving the list and at the end you will lose what you have spent Thousands to get.

The best is to create relationship with them, offer them another free thing and you will be surprise how they will be the one asking if you have any premium thing they can buy because they have seen the value already.

Can I jump for this now?

No…… if you don’t have experience, I mean if you don’t know how to do it don’t even try to be doing it yourself so that you will not fail.

There is a lot of things needed before you can jump to Email marketing, this include the capture page, what type of offer to offer them, what type of follow up message will capture their attention and many more

But don’t worry, Femstic Marketing Media offer this. We can help you market your products and service on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn or twitter and direct this people to your offer. This will increase your sales fast. 

No: 5 Video Marketing

The second ranking website after Google is YouTube and YouTube is a Video content website. People go to YouTube to search for what they need, see the review, see how it’s work before them make their final purchase.

You Can Check one of our Facebook Ads Video Below

Facebook Ads

Do you have videos on YouTube? Haaaaa… if you don’t have then you need to start it today. In the last few years many of my clients locate me through my YouTube video, through my Facebook ads YouTube videos and that is a free money for me.

Though it cost me some money and time to creates those videos and upload it but those videos will make me millions upon millions tomorrow as far as YouTube is not dead and the fact is YouTube cannot die. For where?

Maybe you don’t know this

Facebook is now taking Video more seriously now than writing content. Yes, Facebook now monetize Videos, they are competing with YouTube even though they can’t beat YouTube.

This is telling you that Video marketing is great for your business. People easily engaged in a video than writing content. Video go viral than writing content and if you are to compete with your competitors you need video marketing.

Video should be seen as an investment –according to Hubspot   including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 90%! Watching a compelling presenter in a video will absolutely influence buying behavior as far as the content is great and persuade a visitor to convert into a lead (or a lead to convert into a customer!), as opposed to simply reading the same information alone.

Video Marketing System in 2020
Video Marketing

Conveying the right emotions through video is a great selling tool! Plus, they can serve as built-in tutorials or testimonials, depending on the angle you’re going for. I have people who do Tutorial on best food to choose and they are getting great audience.

Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers. Nothing entices more numerous and longer page views quite like a quality video. Not only that, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.

If you put your video on YouTube as well as your website, your visibility and opportunity to show up in search is greatly increased. What’s more, if you promote your video via social media, your chances of getting found go through the roof! 

in case you don’t know, Video is the perfect way to create a personality for your company and your brand, enabling you to connect with your viewer and earn their trust. 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.

Make your start 100% hassle free!

The more videos you have to help educate and inform your audience, the more you will build on that foundation of trust. And trust translates to sales. 

Let’s face it: this is the age of viral videos. And over 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. This is your chance to have some fun and really show what your company is all about. 


Here is what will happen in this coming year

  • Companies who relied on physical shop will get beat by their competitor who have website
  • Businesses who depends only on Advertisement will be beat down by the competitors who focus on SEO
  • People will buy through email than traditional advertisement
  • Companies who advertise online will get more sales 600% time than companies that use TV, Radio, Bill-board or any other traditional advertisement
  • Video marketing will massively Increase in this coming year than before as many social media are focusing on Video than before

Can you now see where you are lacking behind?

You have two options

  1. Continue doing what you have been doing that is giving you result (This is not good as your competitors will send you away and will make you run out of business this coming year
  2. Make use of the information above to beat them before they beat you (The beauty of business is to be the first in the market. If you allow your competitors to be in the market hours before you reach, there is danger. They may not even leave any money for you on the table, they may go away with all your customers and they will leave you stranded.

What if you allow expert to work with you to grow your present company from the level you are to the higher level, will that sound great? I mean Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Here in Nigeria

Marketing Growth in 2020
Grow Your Business in 2020

Then, Femstic marketing Media is the right answer. our goal is to grow companies from the level where it is today, no matter how much you are making in a month to higher level within 6 months.

We use two great method to achieve this.

  • Advert and
  • SEO

These two methods comprise of all what we mentioned above. We have been in this gave for some years now and we have helped many companies both in and outside the country grow their business.

If your business doesn’t have website be rest assure that we will create a responsive high-quality website that will force your visitors to be your customer before we started working on Ads and SEO.

We help small business to land on Google First Page. If you have not tried us then you have to do so today when our price is still affordable.

You can click here to check our Contact us page

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